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Storm Watch Wrestling, SWW, was a Chinese-American integrated professional wrestling promotion based in Baghdad, Iraq. Established in 2018 by Mr. Tang,

SWW was funded by many unknown investors and political leaders that have decided to remain anonymous due to the calamity of the federation.

Critics have claimed SWW was a front organization that was set on spreading Marxism and other political as well as religious ideologies throughout western civilization and after the Big Boom of the South, more and more skeptics began questioning the legality of Storm Watch. In 2017, the FBI conducted an investigation on Fo-hsing Tang and Tang Corp. after receiving an anonymous tip that Tang has been dealing weapons of mass destruction to multiple countries and rebel groups in an attempt to weaken their military presence for his own personal gain. While many still believe SWW was carelessly promoting civil war in developing countries, there was currently no evidence against Mr. Tang that proved those allegations until The Winter of 2018 when Mr. Tang unleashed the storm on Switzerland, leaving over 30 superstars dead.

Weather Control and MHOEdit

At a house show in Mexico, Mr. Tang revealed he has been working with HAARP and has developed a device that allows him to manipulate weather conditions to produce artificial natural disasters such as storms, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even droughts. Tang argues that this technological advancement is necessary in this day and age and declares his device could combat climate change and protect countries from extreme meteorological temperatures.
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While testing the patented weather control device, which is now known as the TangCo. WeatherBot, Tang Corp. discovered an adverse side effect that causes MHO (Morbus Humo Operies) in mammals after long periods of exposure to the chemicals released from the WeatherBot. Although there is no clear correlation between MHO and death, many are still suspicious of the true nature of Mr. Tang's device.

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